From biosolids to rip rap – and everything in between

We provide and deliver countless products for various industries, twelve months out of the year. 

We transport a wide variety of products for agricultural uses, such as fertilization, soil stabilization and soil solidification.

Please contact Charlie Cordes for specific pricing and availability 

  • Asphalt - Typically used for roads, driveways, parking lots and walkways
  • Crushed Concrete - Typically used in underlayment for roads, driveways and walkways
  • Class II Fill Sand - Typically used to backfill utility pipes, trenches or holes
  • Class III Fill Sand- Typically used for mixing with mortar or concrete to lay bricks or stones
  • 2NS Sand - Typically used for septic systems and concrete mixes
  • Screened Play Sand - Typically used for sandboxes, filling sandbags and playgrounds
  • Pea Gravel - Typically used for landscaping, playgrounds, dog runs and walkways
  • Boulders - Typically used in landscaping and drainage areas